Perfect Visit

Perfect Visit was the market leader regarding serviced apartments in the Netherlands with more than 18.000 properties worldwide.

Perfect Visit

Who are they?

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Perfect Visit is widely regarded as the leading provider of serviced apartments in The Netherlands. Perfect Visit will take Rentals United properties located in the Netherlands only. Perfect Visit takes care of advertising your apartments as if it were her own apartments. As we used to manage our own apartments, we know how important communication is with channels we work with. As we are now focusing to become one-single-point of contact with our clients in the Netherlands, we take the time to build a long-term relationship with you. Perfect Visit knows how to attract customers to your apartment in this extremely competitive travel industry. We combine our knowledge and experience in the serviced apartments industry as effective as possible. We’ve developed a user-friendly website and a booking system, allowing new guests to book and pay securely online. Perfect Visit, your partner in worry-free advertising.

What is synched?

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Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam

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Payment questions

How much commission does the Channel require?

10% of the total booking

Does the Channel charge the client?

yes, total amount

This is important as you may need to charge the client and hence need payment facilities.

Does the Channel issue invoices to the client?


If they don’t you will need to be in touch with the client directly.

Does the Channel transfer monies to the owner?

always, 24 hours after arrival, via, PayPal, Bank Transfer

This explains how you will be paid out.

Does the Channel need an invoice from the owner?


Some channels require you to send an invoice before they can pay you out.

Does the Channel send confirmations to the client?

yes, after inserting a booking

This explains who owns the communication with the client.

cancellation questions

Which cancellation conditions does the Channel use?


Some channels allow property Providers to save their own cancellation conditions.

Does the Channel enforce the cancellation's conditions?


This shows who will need to take care of enforcing the penalties to the client in case of a cancellation.

Is the Channel’s commission used as cancellation compensation?


Should that be the case then it’s not necessary for you to charge a pre-payment.

Does the Channel allow you to decline bookings?


If the answer is “yes” then you will be able to decline online bookings for a certain period of time usually.

How It Works


Do you still have questions?

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